Cognitive Psychology

Escher Optical Illusion

Memory - Clive Wearing demonstrates what life would be like with no short term memory

Awareness Test

Memory - what is a schema?

Memory - Derren Brown cheats at blackjack using memory aids

Autism - Kim Peek is a mega savant and is the real Rainman

Autism - The movie Rainman shows us a little about characteristics of autism

Autism - Stephen Wiltshire is an autistic savant with a photographic memory

Autism - What to know about autism


Language - Bees communicate using a dance

Autism - Daniel Tammet is an autistic savant with an aptitude for numbers

Autism - The Sally-Anne test is used to test Theory of Mind in children

Language - Einstein wows the audience with his language abilities

Language - Kanzi is a bonobo that has mastered some of the English language using a lexigram

Artificial Intelligence - Asimo can now run

Artificial Intelligence - Asimo can learn

Autism - The Transporters was made especially for children with autism

Memory - BBC experiment looking at the accuracy of eyewitness testimony